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Biography, Rachel Rolfes

Presenter/Motivational Speaker

Rachel Rolfes, STRESSERCISEfor Life founder holds a B.A. in Education, Sociology/Psychology. She is a stress management & efficiency specialist, body-alignment certified with over twenty-five years of expertise in corporate management, training and consulting.

Today, over two decades later, she maintains a 30 lb weight loss, after designing and personally following the STRESSERCISE for Life Weight Loss & Life Enhancement Program.

She credits her faith, the helpful insights and compliments of key people close to her for inspiring her to succeed and remain accountable.

Her one driving force remains…the memory of her time in the corporate arena in which she observed and experienced the un-addressed, silent and disarming effects of stress. Rachel’s impassioned mission continues…to ease those challenging effects for others.

After years of research and testing, in 1985 she launched a program to permanently change how stress is addressed in the workplace.

Today, blessed with a gifted and talented team, she offers a fresh progressive approach for attaining top efficiency in a complex global workplace. She challenges all to step up and out of the familiar to see the powerful ongoing benefit of informed and united effort. Johnson & Johnson Health Management Company has approved the STRESSERCISEfor Life program. Rachel’s proven fortifying formula is now a permanent, vital part of thousands of people’s daily lives and workplaces.

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Copyright © 2007 Stressercise for Life - All Rights Reserved