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Our STRESSERCISE for Life brochure will give you a comprehensive picture of what we do. The detailed information included is in direct response to specific HR requests. Varied reference letters are offered to substantiate long-term results achieved. Progress Letters highlight and demonstrate determined effort put forth and beneficial results attained. Maintaining long-term results remains one of our highest objectives.

Excitedly, tips are being applied and progress is still going forward years after initial workshops. We would like to highlight one of our long-time clients, TRICARE MANAGEMENT ACTIVITY. We began doing workshops for TRICARE in 1997 and are pleased to report many years of positive outcomes. Specific individual workshop attendee comments & follow-on results are offered on the training tab navigation bar.


STRESSERCISE for Life arms employees with a proven program for optimizing health and efficiency. Our step-by-step Top Efficiency Formula equips employees with a rugged resilience to meet the demands and challenges of today's complex global workplace. Demonstrated results show employers how investments in wellness-education and illness-prevention equally benefit and unite employees and employers.

STRESSERCISE for Life challenges ALL to step up and take action.


Fact #1: Health promotion and illness prevention programs enhance the bottom line. Wellness education programs provide an immediate benefit to employees and yield greater returns in healthcare-care cost savings to all involved.

Fact #2: Improved productivity and morale occur, along side reduced absenteeism and employee retention when employees are in optimal physical and psychological health. Those employees are also more likely to be attracted to, remain with, and value a company that obviously values their health and well being.

Fact #3: Scientific research continues to show that a company's overall efficiency is closely tied to employee health.

STRESSERCISE for Life provides valuable information, easy-to-implement systems, and proven tools to create a healthy, energized and more profitable workplace for all.

We look forward to the opportunity to partner with you to strategize the most effective proactive approach we can put in place for your organization.


We are excited about the compounding cost-cutting affects now available for our clients as a result of the 5&5 SELECT Partnered Training Program, our custom-designed, specially-priced training package.


Excerpt from Federal Buyer’s Guide Press Release

"In the beginning," Rolfes said, "it was challenging to get some clients to think out of the box, but soon after she began presenting the cost-cutting partnered approach, inflexible mindsets opened, as clients realized the program’s benefits."

”Inspiring and keeping employees motivated is key. We have consistently observed that it is the motivated mindsets of productive employees that makes the defining difference. Genuine motivation ignites action and inspires employees to make and maintain the initial changes long-term” Rolfes added.

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It is our committed goal to improve and significantly enhance your employee energy and efficiency levels to make 2020 your highest performing year to date.


Rachel Rolfes



Determined and resolute, we at STRESSERCISE for Life (SFL) believe it is vital in 2020 for organizations to have an all-inclusive wellness plan in place. A plan that quickly engages personnel and firmly addresses rising morale and healthcare-cost challenges. "Motivated mindsets" ignite profound change. Inspiration, gratitude and accountability sustain it.

Our goal is simple: cut costs and increase energy and efficiency.

After twenty-nine years of service, we surmised a smart solution is to partner with those organizations to inspire and systematically educate all participating personnel. SFL Follow-On data drawn from Workshop Attendee Progress Checks continues to confirm this result-proven approach.


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