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Change, Stress and Nutrition


Change causes stress and stress depletes energy.

Have you or someone you know started using sleeping-aids, antacids, pain or antidepressant medication more than just on occasion? Sadly, these activities are real and escalating at work and at home. Often these behaviors are a result of life changes and how we deal or not deal with them.

This workshop motivates you to step up and take charge of your health and life during times of change. It equips you with a time-proven productivity and energy-enhancing formula to succeed in today's complex global workplace.

Special techniques for clearer communication will also be offered, as well as effective coping skills to significantly expedite the process.

Points of discussion include:

  • How change and stress affect efficiency.
  • The components / payoffs for a strong, productive body and properly balanced diet.
  • The truth about food intolerances/allergies, how they contribute to your lack of energy, food cravings, mood swings, overall aches, pains, and poor health.
  • Key communication and coping tips for improved on-and-off the job performance.
  • Short cuts and “Quick Fix” aids for busy people to get and stay healthy.
  • How to weave balance into challenging and hectic schedules.
  • How to identify the “missed” core reason our energy begins to fade and tools to reverse it.
  • The proven supplements that strengthen the body against illness and boost energy/productivity
  • The supplements/herbs to aid with the following health maladies:

Allergies / Carpal Tunnel Syndrome

Insomnia / Indigestion

Hypertension / Headaches

Hypoglycemia / PMS

Short-term memory loss / Back, Neck, and Shoulder Pain

Participants will leave armed with a comprehensive workbook and a fresh confidence to take charge and begin again, continue on stronger, or perhaps start for the first time down the path of effectively managing their health, as well as their work performance, during times of change.

  • According to “The Performance Edge” by Robert K. Cooper, Ph.D. an article from The Wall Street Journal estimates, (as early as 1991), lost revenue due to reduced alertness alone costs US industry $70 billion annually.
  • A single below-par night sleep can cut next day performance by 30%.
  • American business loses $15.9 billion a year in productivity between two and four o'clock in the afternoon, according to The American Council on Sleep, because people are tired, unproductive or even falling asleep at the desks.
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